Why a Quarterback?

Because your life is in constant motion, so are your assets. To truly enjoy financial freedom, you need a trusted adviser to think about your big picture needs and make sure the day-to-day business and legal activities are managed by the right people — a Quarterback to hand-off the ball for a quick run, to throw long when the stakes are high and – when needed – to take the ball up the middle himself.

At Sollertis, your Chief Counsel is your legal quarterback. He serves as your primary point of contact and oversees a team of experienced attorneys, not associates, who handle all of the underlying legal work. We build strong relationships with other advisers, and, should legal issues arise outside of our areas of expertise, your Chief Counsel will identify and quarterback the work of qualified domestic and international strategic partners. This structure frees up your time so you can focus on what matters most while ensuring your work gets done right, on time, and with precision accuracy.

Business Transactions

Sollertis has extensive experience representing clients in a variety of business transactions and as general outside counsel. Our experience includes the following: 

  • Real Estate Purchases, Sales and Leases
  • Business Sales and Purchases
  • Succession planning
  • Licensing
  • Trademarks & Intellectual Property


The Sollertis Litigation Team resolves business disputes in the best way possible to meet our clients’ business needs. We have extensive experience at all stages of litigation and a successful track record of resolving litigation in the best interests of our clients.

Current representative matters:

  • We are defending a business client that is facing a $7 million product warranty claim brought by a multi-billion-dollar company. We successfully demurred to the plaintiff’s complaint multiple times and persuaded our client’s insurance carrier to pay for the defense. We are currently working on a motion for summary judgment which we will use to ask the court to dismiss the remainder of the plaintiff’s claims.
  • We are representing a limited partner in the prosecution of a claim against the general partner and nine other defendants for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and civil conspiracy, all related to a limited partnership that owns and operates an investment real property valued at $8 million. We successfully disqualified the general partner’s counsel who we have now made a defendant in the lawsuit and we are vigorously prosecuting our client’s claims.
  • We are completing our defense of a business client against a multi-million-dollar wage and hour class action lawsuit. Before the plaintiff’s motion for class certification was heard, we successfully extracted our client from further litigation by settling the case at a substantial discount. We are now supervising the implementation of the settlement terms.
  • We continue to represent a former co-trustee and current beneficiary of a $52 million trust. After filing a lawsuit to challenge the terms of the trust, we negotiated a substantial trust share for our client. We are now supervising the liquidation of the trust’s real estate holdings and the payment of sales proceeds to our client.
  • We recently commenced our defense of a business client against a $4 million breach of contract claim related to the lease of a 150,000 square-foot warehouse/office building.
  • We represent a trust in a lawsuit against a corporation and its shareholder for breach of contract, breach of personal guaranty, breach of commercial lease, and default under security agreement, all related to a multi-million-dollar business asset purchase. The action was successfully litigated through trial and our client received a judgment for the full amount of her claim plus interest, attorney fees and costs. We are now collecting the judgment for our client.
  • We are representing a client who was sued by a neighbor when he attempted to develop his coastal real property. We defeated the neighbor’s claims in our motion for summary judgment and thereafter, on appeal. Our client is now developing his property and looks forward to enjoying his multi-million-dollar ocean and bay views.



Sollertis is a law firm focused on helping you achieve financial freedom through asset protection strategies that protect your wealth and simplify the management of your related legal needs.


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