Quarterbacking: Our Asset Protection Strategy

Our trusted legal advisers help you enact a robust game plan.

Because your life is in constant motion, so are your assets, and you need more than a financial adviser to make sure you are covered. To enjoy true financial freedom, you need someone you trust to oversee all of your needs. Do you have one trusted adviser who thinks about your big picture needs? 

Making sure both your the day-to-day business and legal activities are managed by the right people requires a Quarterback. We provide that quarterback to whom you can hand-off the ball for a quick run, who will throw long when the stakes are high and – when needed – take the ball up the middle himself.

At Sollertis, your Chief Counsel is your legal quarterback. He serves as your primary point of contact and oversees a select team of experienced attorneys, who handle all of the underlying legal work. We build strong relationships with other advisers, and, should legal issues arise outside of our areas of expertise, your Chief Counsel will identify and quarterback the work of qualified domestic and international strategic partners.

This quarterbacking structure frees up your time, and gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most.

Areas we can quarterback for you

Sollertis has extensive experience representing clients in a variety of business transactions, and as general outside counsel.
Our experience includes the following: 

  • Real Estate Purchases, Sales and Leases
  • Business Sales and Purchases
  • Succession planning
  • Licensing
  • Trademarks & Intellectual Property
  • Litigation



Sollertis is a law firm focused on helping you achieve financial freedom through asset protection strategies that protect your wealth and simplify the management of your related legal needs.


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