We live in a country that prides itself on hard work and financial success. The people who have achieved those goals are getting smaller in numbers. Those successful enough to make $2 million, $5 million, $10 million or more should be among the happiest and most financially free people on the planet. Yet too often they aren’t.

Why is that? Because in today’s economic, political and social environment, financially successful people have become targets.

While they have achieved the American dream, trying to maintain and surpass their goals is no longer a fulfilling value proposition. Instead of feeling financially free, the successful feel financially trapped because of the ongoing risk that one little slip up will result in the disappearance of all they have worked to achieve.

As a lawyer, I’ve witnessed this scenario time and again with many of my most successful clients. The regulatory environment, the litigation landscape, taxes, and wealth transfer limitations leave high-achieving people frustrated by all that it takes to protect their assets and stressed that the government, a class action or a car accident victim will take it all way. That shouldn’t be the case.

I started Sollertis® because I wanted to help my clients protect their assets and quarterback their day-to-day business dealings to create true financial freedom. Freedom to enjoy their wealth. Freedom to focus on their family. Freedom to work on the aspects of their business where they derive the most pleasure.

Unlike many lawyers, when I talk about asset protection, I’m speaking about it from a holistic vantage point – a Master Asset Protection Plan®. Master asset protection planning is not a static activity. Rather it is something that must be planned, built and executed in a consistent and ongoing way throughout your life.

By rethinking what asset protection really means, you have the opportunity to create what far fewer than the one percent have been able to achieve – True Financial Freedom.

My new publication, “The Sollertis Financial Freedom Feasibility Report,” provides an overview of how you can best protect yourself, your family and the assets you’ve worked so hard to protect. Download the full report for free here.