What does financial freedom mean to you?

Wealth serves different purposes for different people. That purpose may be living a comfortable lifestyle, supporting charitable causes, providing for your family (now and after you’re gone), or reaching a variety of other goals. But what wealth means to everyone who has worked hard (and invested wisely) to achieve it is this: Financial freedom.

Financial freedom is having the means and independence to do what you want, when you want, with your life. But achieving financial freedom has 2 parts:

Step 1. Building your wealth

Step 2. Protecting your wealth

Our society grows more litigious with each passing day. Liability abounds, and both plaintiffs and their lawyers are encouraged to go after those with “deep pockets.” An “event of duress,” such as a lawsuit, can quickly wipe away all you’ve worked to achieve. The good news is that this can be prevented.

Many people who have achieved Step 1 realize they are not truly financial free. That’s because they haven’t focused on the second step: Asset Protection.


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