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Our clients find the way we streamline management of business and legal issues to be a difference maker. Our team of asset protection lawyers combines business acumen with legal experience to help you think big picture, get deals done and anticipate problems before they happen.

SOLLERTIS simplifies the management of your legal affairs. Our Chief Counsel serves as your primary point of contact for all major and strategic decisions and oversees a team of experienced Private Practice Attorneys, not associates, who handle the underlying legal work.
We build strong relationships with other advisors, and, should legal issues arise outside of our areas of expertise, we will identify and quarterback the work of qualified domestic and international strategic partners.

This management structure frees up your time so you can focus on what matters most while ensuring your work gets done right, on time, and with precision accuracy.

Meet the Team

William R. Simon, Jr.

Founder & Chief Counsel

Mandy K. Turnbull

Partner & Private Practice Attorney

AJ Yarmolinets

Partner & Private Practice Attorney

Steven J. Roberts

Private Practice Attorney

Kristi N. Wilson

Financial Manager

Shawn Zorick

Managing Paralegal

Teresa Salvaggio

Client Account Manager

Sollertis is privileged to work with a network of highly qualified lawyers who own and operate their own law practices. Members of the Sollertis Network have been vetted by Sollertis to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence. Each Private Practice Attorney is trained in the proven Sollertis delivery model and thereafter is managed and supervised by Sollertis’ Chief Counsel, also a Private Practice Attorney.

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