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Our clients find the asset protection expertise of the Sollertis Network, a network consisting of our Team and our Affiliates, to be a difference maker.

We refer to our core group of asset protection attorneys and support staff as our “team”. This group of hard working, honest and trustworthy people have extensive and comprehensive experience and expertise dealing with both domestic and international asset protection projects and will be primarily responsible for protecting your assets. There is no asset protection situation that we shy away from, and we believe we can overcome any asset protection challenge, even if a claim has already been brought against you or against a trust or entity of which you are a beneficial owner.

There are some situations in which we will need to enlist the services of experts outside of our team to accomplish your objectives. For this reason, we have assembled an incredible group of U.S. and offshore affiliates who work with our team to resolve your asset protection needs. This group of experienced experts includes banks, trustees, trust protectors, financial advisors, accountants, and tax attorneys. The best part is that we quarterback our affiliates, so you only have to deal with us.

The Sollertis Network has been protecting the assets or our clients for many years and our clients tell us that it is comforting to know that we can solve all of their asset protection challenges. We are confident you will feel the same once you come aboard.

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