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2 months ago

This was my first time selling a business and what really impressed me about Bill was when he came to the business meeting with the other side of the deal and he sat there by my side when I was making all the critical decisions about the sale of my business.

Bill and I met when there were already offers on the table to purchase my retail business. I spoke to my financial advisor about where to put the proceeds from the sale, and that’s when he referred me to the law firm Sollertis and asset protection attorney Bill Simon.

I had another group trying to convince me to go another way with my sale profits, but Bill’s advice was focused to get me MY goals. I can ask Bill to do anything and he will be there for me… when it comes to asset protection trusts or questions about some deal, I’m thinking about, I can text him and he’ll text me back. Sometimes I need a minute or a moment right then and there. I also want to keep updated when things happen in my business, and I like that we have that connection and relationship.

Bill presented me with the idea of the Slide Trust as a solution to protecting my personal assets, minimizing my tax liability, and making it easy to leave my kids money when I’m no longer here.

I wanted to keep things here domestically in the US because I feel like I have more control over the assets, but with the Slide Trust I can easily shift my wealth offshore if I ever needed to for more or different protection. So, it’s a domestic asset protection trust now, and if I ever need it to go offshore it can. This is why Bill is so smart with how he does what he does.

That other group wanted me to go into some offshore insurance investment trust program right away. I’d have zero control and it’d be difficult to access the money. That’s just not attractive to me.

Bill is not selling a program or a cookie-cutter template trust. I have never seen so much creativity and finesse with legal knowledge and asset protection strategy. It’s a focus on me first and always, and he’s not trying to “sell” me anything. I can essentially buy the life experience from other Sollertis cases and clients who have charted the path before me.

I want to minimize my tax liability from the business profits and capital gains, so Sollertis explored the best trust for me. Bill found me the best tax advisor, and I’m so grateful.

Sollertis deals with high-net-worth people all day so Bill just knows the right questions to ask.

I like to go through the steps of being responsible and diligent, and with Sollertis I feel like I’m doing just that. I let a law firm handle all the details that are needed, so I don’t have to worry about making a mistake.


Ebon Johnson

Sollertis Client


10 months ago

Bill was recommended to me by another advanced asset protection attorney who works with Bill and spoke very highly of the asset protection plans Bill puts together for clients. That says something about a lawyer’s competency and personality when a competitor is willing to recommend him to help me.

Sollertis and Bill Simon do a great job of organizing my complex real estate businesses, doing my due diligence work, and executing on the operational legal plan and the asset protection plan we put in place. The details do matter, and I don’t have to worry about any technical issues I have. I leave all of that up to Bill and the team of Sollertis attorneys.

The hard part of asset protection isn’t coming up with the plan, it’s putting that plan in place and maintaining that plan to maintain protection. As my assets have shifted over the years and as laws change in different states, I still want to be fully protected. Sollertis sees asset protection as an ongoing dance, and I love that Bill and the team are there to help me.

Bill’s approach to business, from how he communicates to how he makes himself available, to how he cared enough to get to know me on a personal level, is unlike any other attorney-client relationship I’ve had in the past.

Sollertis is very systematic in implementing the business legal work and my personal asset protection plan. We work with a few attorneys on the Sollertis team to identify what needs to be fixed or improved, and I always know where we’re at with the work that’s being done. I really appreciate how they keep me in the status loop, and proactively stay on top of all the compliance work across my many different entities… and there are a lot of entities since me and my business partners are in real estate.

On the team, Shawn has helped me manage plenty of items and is very responsive, and Kristi has been great to work with too, it feels like she’s part of my own financial management team.

Many other law firms and attorneys I’ve used in the past were great at talking strategy and talking about the plan of action. Still, I have yet to work with any other firm besides Sollertis that was able to lawyer at such a high-level from strategy through implementation, while also being able to easily integrate their legal team with the different departments in my business, such as our internal accounting team, human resources, and internal legal team.

Bill takes it one step further when a transaction I’m doing or move I’m looking to make calls for a new advisor or professional, Bill often has someone ready to be brought into the fold. This saves me time and money since I don’t need to find someone first, then vet them, then hope they do a good job.

It’s really the best part of working with Sollertis because I get real-time advice that considers all my dozens of other moving parts and those implications.

Bill has all the pieces needed to bring together a solid and complete asset protection plan, and handle my business legal needs, and my personal asset protection needs. With another attorney I might get a slice of specialized knowledge but Bill takes the comprehensive and collaborative team approach, and “quarterbacks” all my key players/people rather than me trying to piecemeal it all together and assemble it by myself.

Bill helps me pull all the pieces together from legal and finance, to investments and tax strategies. I needed someone looking at all my businesses with a birds-eye perspective to make sure everything is working together. Bill Simon cares about me and my business as his personal friend, with the mind of an expert business, real estate, and asset protection lawyer.

If you want to focus on your business and let someone else handle the legal, Sollertis is where you need to be.

Konrad Sopielnikow

Konrad Sopielnikow

Sollertis Client


a year ago

“I knew of Bill Simon as a trust attorney through the local high school sports community. Bill now helps us manage our business more efficiently and profitably, and that’s worth everything!

I first came to Sollertis after my father had had a few instances with other attorneys where they lacked the knowledge of how to handle issues outside of the one thing they practiced or had limits on what state or court they could appear before. Sollertis solved this headache of ours as there is a team of attorneys with different areas of expertise who are admitted across other states.

Sollertis helped me defend a quickly escalating federal lawsuit, set up asset protection for my family and me, including living trusts, and handled various other legal issues. The family business includes residential real estate holdings, commercial rentals, and other real estate property investments, so there seems to always be something in the works.

My urgent legal items were taken care of right away. Attorney Giovanni Correa was able to handle the federal case very well for us. Everyone on the staff has been friendly, professional, helpful, and they show real concern for my family and me. I also find the billing structure to be very fair with different rates and levels of people doing the work without doing any double work. They are a firm that just makes sense.

After they handled my emergency so well, I knew Sollertis was the firm for me personally, my family, and the business.

I look to this team to handle all of my legal needs, from asset protection to real estate leases, and even defending a lawsuit about an ADA regulation issue.

Bill’s legal team crafted an asset protection plan to get me the highest level of security for my hard-earned assets. Basically, whatever Bill recommends, is what we do.

I feel confident in Bill’s ability to run with whatever needs to be done. He sees the issue, speaks with me about it, and then I trust him to assemble the team of experts needed to do everything else and execute the plan. Sollertis has a very smooth, organized, and thoughtful way of doing things that makes me feel secure.

When we move forward, we do so with a sense of solidarity.

Coming into Sollertis, my family and I were familiar with trusts and how the system works, but as we continued with Sollertis, I learned they have a much more comprehensive approach than other trust attorneys or asset protection law firms when it comes to protecting assets for more than just one generation. I told Bill I wanted to do whatever saves money in the long run and gives me the most protection in the end. I wanted a win-win situation, and that’s what Sollertis gave me.

It’s comforting for me to know that I have an entire legal team supporting the lifework of my father.

I trust them to scrutinize all the documents for the deals we do today in real estate and across every inch of the business. My father was very diligent in his career, and I’m so thankful that everyone at Sollertis operates in the same way.

Bill and the team at Sollertis have now helped my entire family including my father and other relatives as well. It’s been a blessing to have gone to Bill when dealing with big decisions and emotional decisions, between business and family matters. I wish I had met Bill and his team sooner.”

sandra Maola

Sandra Maola

Sollertis Client


11 months ago

The team of lawyers at Sollertis is top-notch. Not only the attorneys but the staff too.

I first came to Sollertis when I was going through a difficult divorce, and it was apparent that I needed to put out some of the fires before I could begin working towards protecting my investments and other assets after the divorce.

Once I started working with Sollertis and attorney Bill Simon, I established a level of trust early on with him and I’m loyal to our relationships because I have that trust. I started with one thing, and now Bill and his team handle nearly everything for me.

Upon the recommendation of Bill Simon, I met with Kristi Wilson and she helped me make sense of all my different accounts and how money was flowing. Kristi helped me sort out and stay on top of all the financial complexities in my life as a business owner and surgeon. She’s saved me years of time and the heartache of cleaning it up myself, if I was even able to do it myself.

Kristi has the heart of someone that treats me like family, even if she doesn’t agree with some of the financial decisions I’ve made in the past. It was refreshing to find Kristi because she keeps me aware of where we are, where we need to be, and how we will get there. It made a huge difference for me in terms of making progress on my financial commitments.

My former CPA would do simple dollars in and dollars out, but they never did anything strategic to help me protect myself on the tax side. As a result, I paid more in taxes than I needed to for years just because I didn’t know any better.

Bill and Kristi were able to help me find a new CPA and coordinate with my new CPA to be conscious of my tax bracket, and everyone Bill brings in is so intelligent in how they put things together. I’m busy with my medical practice, not with keeping my eye on the different ways to structure myself better. I want to leave that concern to my attorney and know it’s being considered with my CPA, and now I do just that without any worry.

Sollertis has helped me set up and organize my business finances, my personal finances and figure out how to fund my retirement after a divorce. Today, everything moves together in concert. It lets me operate in the way I naturally do.

I have Kristi on the bookkeeping side. I have Bill on the strategic legal and compliance side. And Sollertis has attorneys who can help me make changes in my business or with my investments, or when I moved states and they helped my CPA and I with that transition.

bill tontz jr

Bill Tontz Jr.

Sollertis Client


a year ago

Bill Simon and the team at Sollertis have helped me with personal asset protection and estate planning for me and other members of my family. I have also worked with Bill to set up living trusts, negotiate business deals and contracts for my construction company, and to take care of some personal legal issues.

Bill Simon has a way of putting my mind at ease and relaxing my nerves. I find I can trust his expertise and his demeanor has a way of relaxing my anxiety. He shares the next 3, 5, or 10 steps that will happen, and I don’t ever feel like I’m in the dark … I love that.

I’m a construction company owner, and I made a choice to hire one law firm to handle all of my legal needs: personal and business. So now, I have one team that handles everything, and all my big picture plans work together.

I’ll share one of the more recent situations that Bill Simon helped me navigate.

When the pandemic started, I had several projects in progress that were stuck in plan check with the city. With their offices being closed, it caused all kinds of delays. I was losing money left and right, it was a mess. As that all dragged out, it cost me a flipping fortune!

When one of my construction projects goes south, and the other side is coming after me for Millions, I’m glad I had previously hired Sollertis to do my asset protection. Bill helped me maneuver myself in a way that ensured all my stuff was safe.

I’ve used other attorneys in the past, and it was a nightmare. Bill gives me the personal attention that I need, and I appreciate an attorney who cares about my business and keeps on top of things.

Bill handles a lot of work himself which I like, and he will call or email me when he has questions. And I like that he reaches out instead of me having to contact him.

I refer people to Bill all the time. When I’m calling for expert advice, I expect to get expert advice, and I do. That’s why I choose Sollertis.

Dennis oneill

Dennis O'Neill

Sollertis Client


a year ago

As a business owner, I knew that legal issues and precautions are part of running my business. After growing a few large businesses and acquiring real estate holdings over the past 30+ years, I learned more about how vulnerable I really was to any customer or creditor that wanted to come after me personally.

When I needed an attorney for estate planning, I quickly realized that what I actually needed was an asset protection attorney. It was quickly apparent to me that having one entity, some business insurance, and a family trust was not going to cut it should I find myself in hot water sometime in the future.

I found Bill Simon and Sollertis when I started to ask around for referrals, and Bill’s name came up many times. He had me consider how I can protect my assets and vulnerability and showed me where I am exposed to personal liability from my businesses.

When I was looking for an attorney, I DID NOT want to have different attorneys working on different things for me personally and for my business. I wanted it all streamlined and straightforward.

With Sollertis, I get multiple attorneys working together for a common cause… to protect me. I wanted everything to be coordinated under one firm, and that’s exactly what I get with Sollertis. It’s refreshing to find a law firm that “gets it” and can handle all of my legal needs and explain the jargon in terms that makes sense.

I also get along great with Bill. His worldviews, lifestyle, and personality align with mine, so I feel like he puts things together the same way I would. He really has a finger on the pulse even with my businesses across industries, which makes me feel like I don’t have to.

I’ve already referred my kids to Sollertis for wills and trusts and a handful of my personal friends and colleagues for asset protection. We are all at risk and have liability. Why not actively protect yourself? If anyone is considering hiring an attorney for their business, do yourself a favor and at least have a conversation with Bill.

Aschbrenner Acres

Aschbrenner Acres

Sollertis Client


2 years ago

I have worked together with much of the Sollertis team for well over a decade.They are exceptional and they genuinely care. I would characterize them as elites within the industry. They are truly set apart from other law firms I’ve worked with in California. This team delivers for their clients by a fulfillment of excellence, honest insights, and doing work that is true to their integrity. Bill Simon has incredible experience and connection to his work. He believes in it, he loves it, and he is proactively thoughtful. He also serves as an amazing ‘quarterback’ providing you with all the best players for your winning team. Sollertis works well with world changers and ensures family legacies are well-protected. I Absolutely Recommend Sollertis.

Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall

Sollertis Client


a few months ago

I connected with Bill after searching for a real estate attorney or business attorney who helps business owners. In my first conversation with Bill, it was clear that he cared and was generous with his time. I’m a military veteran so I appreciate nice people.

I needed answers and help communicating with ownership about the options in my legal real estate situation. Bill understood who I was, my position, and what was important to me at the end of the day. Bill gave me real advice on how to best take care of my family and work toward resolving things with the other side who was being unreasonable.

My wife is a nurse, and I ran a gym after putting in 25 years with the military. Not being a big corporate business, Bill was still able to help me.

I would recommend Sollertis for help with real estate legal issues and for help protecting my business without a doubt.

The whole office is stress-relieving and easy to work with, the communication is pleasant and the staff is friendlyiness. It’s done wonders for reducing my tension and distress levels. Each time I speak with anyone from Sollertis, it’s as though the underlying message is “keep your head up, we’ll get through this situation” and that lets me sleep better at night knowing they have my back.

Mike Stoodley e1664782970519 modified

Mike Stoodley

Sollertis Client