MAPP | Master Asset Protection Plans

A Master Asset Protection Plan® (MAPP) is the framework  we have developed for protecting all of the individual assets that contribute to your financial success.  Based on an analysis of your unique needs, each plan is a customized blueprint outlining the types and mix of legal structures needed to properly meet your specific goals and objectives.

Once we have designed your MAPP, you then have a plan in place to strategically protect your assets and to guide business, personal and investment decisions. Most traditional asset protection plans tend to take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but a MAPP adapts to your changing circumstances, as needed.

Whether the plan is implemented all at once or over time, we will have created greater financial freedom for you.  And you’ll know you’ve legally protected the wealth you have earned.






MAPP Benefits:

  • Defined financial goals.
  • Organized approach to asset management.
  • Limited exposure in case of liability.
  • Enhanced tax-reduction strategies.
  • Preservation of assets for future generations.




Sollertis is a law firm focused on helping you achieve financial freedom through asset protection strategies that protect your wealth and simplify the management of your related legal needs.


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