Master Asset Protection Plans®

Master Asset Protection Plan (MAPP®)

Is the framework we have developed for protecting all of the individual assets that contribute to your financial success. Based on an analysis of your unique needs, each plan is a customized blueprint outlining the types and mix of legal structures needed to properly meet your specific goals and objectives.

Once we have designed your MAPP, you then have a plan in place to strategically protect your assets and to guide business, personal and investment decisions. Most traditional asset protection plans tend to take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but a MAPP adapts to your changing circumstances, as needed. Whether the plan is implemented all at once or over time, we will have created greater financial freedom for you. And you’ll know you’ve legally protected the wealth you have earned.

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A Master Asset Protection Plan, or MAPP as we like to call it, is a comprehensive custom strategy designed specifically to safeguard your wealth and assets from potential risks, lawsuits, and other threats. It involves implementing a series of legal and financial measures to mitigate the risks associated with asset loss and preserve wealth for future generations. The primary goal of your MAPP will be to create a robust and legally sound structure that shields your assets from potential creditors and legal liabilities.

Your MAPP will include a combination of strategies such as the use of trusts, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), corporations, insurance policies, and other legal tools, most of which will be formed in a domestic jurisdiction, but some of which may be formed in an offshore jurisdiction. These tools are strategically employed to create barriers and layers of protection around your assets, making it more challenging for creditors or legal adversaries to access and seize them. By utilizing various legal entities and jurisdictions, a MAPP seeks to create complexity and mitigate the risk of losing assets in the event of legal disputes or financial challenges.

A MAPP often involves estate planning considerations to ensure the seamless transfer of wealth to future generations while minimizing tax obligations. It may also involve the development of contingency plans and the establishment of mechanisms to maintain control over your assets while still enjoying the benefits they provide. Overall, a MAPP is a proactive and comprehensive approach that aims to protect your wealth and assets from potential risks and preserve financial security for you and your beneficiaries.

Unlike most traditional asset protection plans which tend to take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, your MAPP will adapt to your changing circumstances, as needed. Whether your MAPP is implemented all at once or over time, you will have greater financial freedom and less stress as you will know you have legally protected the wealth you have earned or inherited.

MAPP® Benefits

defined financial goals

Defined Financial

organized approach to asset management

Organized approach to asset management

Limited exposure in case of liability

enhanced tax reduction strategies

Enhanced tax-reduction strategies

preservation of assets for future

Preservation of assets for future generations

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