Strengthen Your Master Asset Protection Plan (MAPP®) with a Bridge Trust®


At Sollertis, we believe that without asset protection, you will never achieve true financial freedom. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to asset protection, so we customize a solution that’s right for you.

Domestic trusts provide a layer of protection to safeguard your assets, but that protection is limited. As long as your plan remains fully domestic, your assets will still be subject to judgments and orders from U.S. courts.

Offshore trusts in jurisdictions with established laws that prohibit trustees from recognizing foreign court judgments and orders are appealing, but this strategy comes with costs. To be legally binding, you must relinquish complete control of the assets you place in the offshore trust to a third party in a foreign country. While this is appropriate when actually defending a trust, it can be costly and compliance can be burdensome if done too early.

BRIDGE TRUSTS: Combining the Best of Domestic Trusts and Offshore Trusts
A Bridge Trust combines the best attributes of domestic and offshore asset protection trusts. The Bridge Trust starts as a domestic trust, making it simple to both maintain and control. In the event of a crisis, the domestic trust converts to a fully triggered Cook Islands trust, managed by a Cook Islands trustee who is outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. legal system.

The Bridge Trust

How do Bridge Trusts work?

  • Sollertis has a long-standing strategic partnership with one of the most experienced and respected legal experts in offshore asset protection planning to make sure the asset protection structures are built correctly and legally.
  • Through this strong partnership, we have established relationships with trustees in the Cook Islands and banks in Europe who have worked with US-based clients over the last 20 years.





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