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Our team is the core group of asset protection attorneys and support staff that will be primarily responsible for protecting your assets.  This group of dedicated and smart individuals possesses extensive and comprehensive experience and expertise dealing with both domestic and international asset protection projects, a wealth of experience and expertise in nearly every type of business, real estate, or investment transaction you will consummate, and is extremely adept at involving accountants and tax attorneys to help you understand and minimize your tax treatment.

The business and financial world is very complex, with many laws and regulations controlling and impacting your every move. Our team understands the rules of the game and how the pieces to the puzzle fit together, and will use this expertise and knowledge to your advantage and to help you grow and protect your wealth.

The world of asset protection is constantly changing, so our team is constantly focused on developing and using new asset protection tools and processes to help you, not just what worked in years past. From the list of existing and newly developed asset protection tools, once we fully understand your situation, we typically select a combination of trusts/entities that fit within a strategy to accomplish your objectives. We refer to this process as creating a MAPP, or Master Asset Protection Plan, in which we set forth the specific trusts/entities to be used, the specific assets to held by each trust/entity, and how the structure works to accomplish your objectives.

Meet the Team

William R. Simon, Jr.

Founder & Chief Counsel

Mandy K. Turnbull

Partner & Private Practice Attorney

AJ Yarmolinets

Partner & Private Practice Attorney

Kristi N. Wilson

Financial Manager

Shawn Zorick

Managing Paralegal

Sollertis is privileged to work with a network of highly qualified lawyers who own and operate their own law practices. Members of the Sollertis Network have been vetted by Sollertis to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence. Each Private Practice Attorney is trained in the proven Sollertis delivery model and thereafter is managed and supervised by Sollertis’ Chief Counsel, also a Private Practice Attorney.

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